Freshness, Innovation, and Tradition
in a Glatt Kosher Butcher

We’re a kosher butcher shop located in University Heights, Ohio working with a select group of specialty providers to give you everything from custom butchered beef to bakery to our smoked meats. You’ll love how tasty our foods are and that our mouthwatering meats and foods embrace both modern innovation and traditional values


From Glatt kosher beef to delicious prepared foods that will make your every day, Sabbath and Holiday preparations that much easier, Tibor’s Kosher Meats has a long history of offering the freshest kosher meats, foods, and bakery items, stellar service and custom orders.


Innovation is part of who we are. We now offer a wide selection of prepared foods that are made fresh daily. From our tried and true recipes for matzoh ball soup to unique weekly specials for entrees, sides, salads, and soups, you can be sure that shopping at Tibor’s will make your daily, entertaining and Sabbath preparations that much easier.


Over the last fifty years, Tibor’s kosher butcher shop has maintained the foundation and legacy of a kosher butcher shop and tradition. We offer the highest level of freshness, innovative recipes and work closely with Cleveland Kosher to ensure the highest standards of kashrut and glatt kosher butcher processes.


Our team is here to help

Whether you are planning a corporate event, party or simply need sandwiches for lunch or takeout for dinner, the Tibor’s service team will help you from the moment you step into the store, until we see you at the checkout counter. And, if time is an issue, know that we work with Doordash to get your order to you as quickly as possible.

kosher beef - smoked beef brisket

The largest Kosher smokehouse in the Cleveland area

From our mouthwatering kosher deli meats, including smoked salamis, pastrami and beef jerky to our glatt kosher prime, choice and grass-fed beef options, Tibor’s Kosher Meats will help you to feed your family and your guests with the best kashrut and glatt kosher beef and lamb. We can’t wait for you to try our selection of kosher smoked foods.

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