Kosher Bakery

Fresh bakery, every day...

At Tibor’s Kosher Foods, we offer more than just kosher meats. One of our most exciting departments is our array of fresh kosher baked goods. As soon as you smell the aroma coming from our bakers, you’ll know why it is one of the most popular parts of Tibor’s. From sweet cakes and homemade bread to decorated cookies and coffee cakes, we always have a wide range of bakery items that are ready for you to take home to your family.

Delicious Baked Goods

Our kosher bakery, Boulevard Bakery, supplies all of the items that are displayed at Tibor’s, under the supervision of Cleveland Kosher. Whether you are buying a birthday cake, a tray of cookies to take to a friend’s house or cinnamon rolls to serve your family, you will love our delicious and fresh products. We offer sweet and savory options, from fruit pies made from seasonal selections to crusty bread that is ideal with our soups and stews.

Highest Quality Products

At Tibor’s, our bakers use time-honored traditions in making sure that the texture and consistency of each of our bakery items makes you want to come back for more. From the juiciest raisins in our tea cakes to the highest quality chocolate in our cakes, your mouth will water every time you visit our bakery.

Parties & Events

And, if you need something special for entertaining, just let us know! Our professional bakers and friendly service team are happy to create exactly what you need, from wedding cakes to celebration pieces for a bar or bat mitzvah. We even offer trays of beautiful bakery items that can be sized for a corporate event or a large private party.

Give us a call today or stop by the store and sample our bakery. We can’t wait to share with you our wholesome bread and bakery products! You’ll enjoy the best kosher bakery in Cleveland…

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