Glatt Kosher Lamb

Where can you get the highest quality fresh glatt kosher lamb for your family and friends? 

At Tibor’s, of course! Lamb is a delicious option for your family’s next meal. Tibor’s Kosher Meats offers a full selection of kosher lamb for your next dinner, party or special occasion. Based in University Heights, Ohio, we serve the local area and offer catering and prepared foods to our customers.

Tibor's Specialty Glatt Kosher Lamb

Tender Choice

Our goal is to balance the tradition of keeping Kashrut with delicious modern tastes and flavors. From tender choice lamb chops and ribs to roasts, lamb shanks, ground lamb that is ideal for shish kabobs and meatballs, and even smoked sausages, you’ll love the many options of kosher cuts of lamb that we have for you and your family that will suit even the most particular palate.

Innovative Dishes

At Tibor’s, we know that If time is short for you and your family with busy schedules. Take advantage of our new and expanded prepared foods department. We offer lamb dishes that are innovative, take advantage of interesting spice profiles, and still stick to the glatt kosher tradition. From smoked lamb sausages to tagines and fully roasted legs of lamb, we have everything you need for your next private party, kiddushim or Friday Night dinners.

Kosher lamb

Kosher Cuts of Lamb

If you need something special or a large amount for an occasion, feel free to reach out to us for custom butchering.

We offer a full range of butchering, certified under the strict supervision of Cleveland Kosher, to meet all of your needs.

We also operate a large scale smokehouse where we can prepare your lamb, giving it the rustic flavor you’ll love to share with your friends and family.

Call us today, stop by or use our contact page to discuss your needs. Our friendly service staff will be more than happy to help you with prepared foods, catering or butcher orders. We can’t wait to serve you!

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