About Tibor's Kosher Meats

Since 1971, Tibor’s Kosher Meats has been a pillar in the Cleveland Jewish Community. By providing the highest quality kosher meats for everything from weddings to your weeknight dinners, Tibor’s has become a valued part of the entire community.

Ilan Senders

Half a Century of Kosher Excellence

Tibor and Irene Rosenberg built a wonderful reputation for providing great service and great food for the past 50 years. This reputation has garnered Tibor’s an incredibly loyal following of generations of Cleveland Jewish families locally or wherever they may live. Tibor’s is the standard for the best kosher food you can buy. 

what comes to mind when you think of tibor's Kosher Meats

To so many of our long-term customers, when they think of the best smoked meats, schnitzel or chulent, Tibor’s is what comes to mind. Nothing makes us happier than hearing the countless stories of kids begging their parents for more of Tibor’s Beef Jerky and Salami Sticks.

Under new ownership

Under the new ownership of Ilan Senders, Tibor’s is officially in its third generation of ownership. Ilan himself is a third-generation Clevelander and virtually grew up in Tibor’s.

Many of Tibor’s wonderful staff have known Ilan since the day he was born. Ilan is the perfect man to lead the charge of continuing to maintain and develop an amazing brand that is Tibor’s.

Ilan and his family are entirely focused on the needs of the community and constantly looking for the next opportunity to enhance the experience for our loyal customers. 

We want to thank our loyal customers, community, and friends for being so welcoming and encouraging to the new leadership. We are working hard on continuing to expand the prepared foods menu in hopes of creating new Tibor’s favorites for generations to come.

With thanks,

The Tibor’s Team 

Ilan Senders

Current Owner/Butcher 3 years with Tibors

Igor Spira

Deli Counter
31 years with Tibors

Doreen Genova

6 years with Tibors

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