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The finest deli sandwiches, smoked meats and kosher deli service,
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Corned beef, pastrami, smoked turkey — at Tibor’s Kosher Meats, we have a full array of delicious kosher deli meats that have been prepared with the highest level of kosher specifications. From your favorite corned beef sandwich to party trays or catered meals, Tibor’s offers a unique combination of freshness, tradition and innovation with every meal.

Tibor's Specialty Kosher Deli Meats

kosher smoked meat - beef brisket

Real Kosher Smoked Meats - Locally!

Located in University Heights, Ohio, our store is  easy to get to whether you are on the east or west side of Cleveland, or even downtown. Our friendly team focuses on making sure that every deli order is prepared exactly to your standards and is ready when you need it, whether you need a single kosher deli sandwich on your way to a meeting or you need an entire tray for a special celebration.

The Best Choice

At Tibor’s, we pride ourselves on making sure that every bite of meat you purchase from us is better than the last. We offer everything from traditional preparations of beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb to our newest kosher smoked meats.

Write This Down

And, don’t forget about Tibor’s deli when you are preparing for the holidays, private parties, corporate events, Sabbath or weddings. From party trays to handmade sandwiches to go, we offer everything you could need to make your next meal special.

What Sets Our Kosher Deli Apart

What makes Tibor’s different is that in addition to our full-service deli and prepared foods, we operate our own large scale kosher smoked meat operation.

Our smoked products include everything from salamis to hot dogs, smoked turkey, sausages, beef jerky and even beef brisket. Whether you like to grill indoors or our, our smoked meats will make your next family meal or party that much more memorable. 

Call us today or stop in for more information on our deli products, smoked meats, catering and prepared foods. We look forward to serving you at the best kosher deli in Cleveland!

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