Kosher Fish

Kosher Fish options that you will get hooked on

Want a way to change up your regular recipes? Are you tired of the same chicken and beef dishes? If you are, then let the experts at Tibor’s Kosher Meats help you select one of our fresh fish options for your next family meal or celebration.

Fresh and Tasty

Kosher fish is one of the easiest and most mouthwatering choices that you can make when serving your family. Whether you are trying to improve your health or just feed your family something new and innovative, we can help you to choose the best fish for your next meal, get together or celebration. 

Healthy Choice

Fish is high in protein and a great choice when you want a quick meal. From salmon to trout, haddock, flounder, sea bass, cod, halibut or even whitefish, you will find many ways that you can serve fish to your family and friends. Grilled, baked, sauteed and even as part of a stew or soup, you’ll love the high quality of fish that we offer each and every day.


And, if you’d love to serve your family a fish dish, but you struggle to have time to cook with your busy family schedule, then check out our comprehensive prepared foods department where we offer many delicious kosher fish recipes. Our breaded fish and fish-based stews that make dinnertime easy.

A Real Catch

Whether you need some of our catch of the day to feed your family or you’d like to talk about catering your next event featuring our fish, we are excited to speak with you!

Come into the store, email us or visit us on social media for more great fish options that your family will love.

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